The Agency.

Blend is a creative agency, based in Barcelona, that provides creative direction, fashion production, graphic design, digital retouch and editorial content and direction for global brands in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and luxury industry.In a city where production possibilities are endless, Blend is defined by the fusion of aesthetics and creativity. And we believe in a three steps journey; idea – production – reach.In Blend we have a project in common; our independent publication, Herdes, where we show our work and our commitment to what we love; creativity.


Yoye MartinHe studied fashion design, but his passion for fashion editorials made him interested in fashion photography. Yoye, has a special sensitivity to beauty and fashion and therefore, his experience, makes him an exceptional creative director.Yoye has shot many fashion editorials for magazines such as Elle, Marie Claire, El País, Vogue, among others. And campaigns for high fashion international brands. He is also fashion editor of Herdes magazine.

Javier GarridoHe studied graphic design at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona and did a master's degree in Strategic and Creative Direction in Advertising. His curiosity for fashion made him specialize in this field and created, with Yoye, what today is Blend.His shared passion, with his partner, in the world of magazines and his obsession with editorial design, caused him to turn in Herdes, an exciting and ambitious editorial project that today is distributed in more than 14 countries.